White Fillings

The Problem with Metal Fillings

Cavities are very difficult to avoid, many people find that a decaying, cracked or chipped tooth will occur not just from sugary foods but also ones that have been worn down due to teeth grinding or nail biting. The solution to this usually involves fillings which man be extremely noticeable if they’re metal ones when talking, laughing or yawning. The appearance of standard fillings become more unsightly over time as the amalgam metal turns darker and darker.

White fillings from Re-Enhance Dental in Cheshire, cosmetic dentistry clinic Cheshire.

What Are White Fillings?

White fillings, we believe are the only alternative to standard metal fillings here at Re-Enhance Dental clinics. This is because once they’re placed on the tooth, white fillings are virtually impossible to notice, blending in seamlessly with the rest of your tooth. They are the standard choice for private dentists around the world not just because of their aesthetic benefits but also due to the fact that they’re durable and don’t require re-filling for a matter of years.

What is the difference with white fillings?

The picture below showcases the effectiveness of white fillings compared to metal ones – by sliding left and right you can instantly see the improvement that they offer. Many of our patients point out that they find it virtually impossible to distinguish between these and filling-free teeth.

Saving Your Teeth

Invisible white fillings not only look great but also help to preserve the tooth too, there is no mercury and thus there is no risk of damage or fracture to the tooth – unlike with standard fillings.

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