Wearing/Worn Front Teeth

It is common that adults over thirty years old will start experiencing wearing of their teeth, with a noticeable flattening of the front ones in particular. Even those who have a perfectly mouth will find that the wearing of canine teeth is often unavoidable – this leads them to being unable to protect the front teeth, consequently resulting in their visible wear.

To help restore your teeth to the best possible condition it is best if the problem is diagnosed as early as possible. If this is the case then treatment simply consists of replacing the worn tips of the canine tooth through the bonding of white filling material to the teeth. This method lasts years before being worn down, at which point they can be easily replaced by the Re-Enhance team.

If there is already tooth wear of the incisor teeth then it is necessary for them to be rebuilt using composite white bonding or through the placement of very thin porcelain veneers. Rather than replacement treatment, this process is more of an additive treatment that means the teeth will remain healthy while at the same time, gaining extra support with no extra tooth preparation needed at all

This treatment however can become alot more complex and costly should the tooth wear be left undiagnosed for long periods of time; it can become a significant issue which is why it’s best to contact us if you have any doubts about the health or appearance of your teeth.

Exact treatment methods will be tailored to each individual patient after the cause of severe tooth wear has been established. The problem can be caused by more than just worn canine teeth, in which case the issue is relatively easy to diagnose

The treatment for all teeth wear cases are staged as follows:

Stage 1

After clinical photographs have been taken of your mouth we will also have stone models made of your current teeth and their arrangement. If necessary we’ll provide a plastic facial guard which will help relax your facial muscles.

Stage 2

A diagnostic wax-up will provide patients with a mock up of what your new smile will look like, you’ll be able to approve the mock up after it has been assembled.

Stage 3

These prototypes can be worn for as long as necessary until everyone is happy with them. Adjustment and removal of the prototype smile is, at this point completely possible as we want to ensure that you are 100% happy with their appearance and comfort. Composite is added to existing teeth while acrylic prototype restorations may be placed where there is missing back teeth, such a method allows both dentists and patients to evaluate the cosmetics and function of the new smile.

Stage 4

The final porcelain crowns and veneers will be replicated from this prototype if the patient and dentist are happy.

Stage 5

We will then Provide a clear plastic night guard to be worn to protect the investment of your new smile.

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