Smile Makeovers

Some of our procedures will often utilise the skills of more than one member of our team, this is because smile makeovers in particular make use of several different techniques and specialist equipment.

Because of the advancement in technology within the cosmetic dentistry industry, time consuming brace treatment is no longer the only option for those that want perfectly aligned teeth. This option not only takes longer, but also has a more significant preparation procedure, often involving root canal treatment. The repositioning and whitening of teeth is something that Re Enhance Dental have been carrying out for a number of years and can be completed in a fraction of time than you may think.

Smile makeovers from Re-Enhance Dental in Hale, Cheshire who provide private cosmetic dentistry treatments for all types of patients.

We take every action possible to make sure that the least invasive methods of treatment are used, for example tooth preparation techniques will employ minimum shaping of the enamel or thin porcelain veneers.

Like many cosmetic dentistry treatments, the exact time frame and process depends on the individual, as well as their time and budget constraints. Multiple crowns, veneers, bridgework and dental implants will be planned and carried out according to this.

Re-Enhance ensure that your requirements are understood fully before treatment starts; by accurately determining this you’ll get the best results possible. There are also many different ways of achieving the same results.

All smile makeovers start with a thorough consultation, in which we will explain to you, the different treatment options that are available to you. Following this, we will take clinical photographs as well as a wax mock up of what we believe your new smile will look like – this helps us to visualise the transformation that we are going to achieve.

This gives you an impression of what the treatment will achieve by the end of it and is known as a diagnostic wax-up. All the best smile makeover packages from different cosmetic dentists will provide you with such a service.

Once everyone is satisfied with the wax mock up, the next stage of the makeover involves the transfer of this to a set of prototype restorations. The set of teeth will be prepared if necessary and fitted with the restorations (crowns, veneers, bridgework) that have been created from white filling materials. You will then have the chance to try out this prototype for a number of weeks until you decide you’re comfortable with it. This stage is important because it allows for an analysis of the shape and position of the teeth as well as the bite/ functions and phonetics (speech). After this we will make any necessary alterations and modifications to ensure that you’re comfortable with the device before being replicated into porcelain work.

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