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New patients are always welcome at our practice in Hale, Cheshire. As we are a private practice all our patients are treated on a private basis. We are also a denplan accredited practice so if that is something you wish to find out more information you can look at our denplan webpage on the website, call or email for more information, or just ask one of us if you decided to visit.

You can book a new patient consultation by contacting us via telephone or e-mail.

We ask that you arrive 10 minutes early for your initial visit.  This allows us to ensure any relevant paperwork is dealt with to maximise your time with the dentist.

dental treatments for new patients at Re-Enhance Dental in Cheshire.

At your first visit we will carefully examine your mouth and teeth. At this point we will firstly check the health of your teeth and gums, look at your occlusion (or how your teeth bite together) and also look at the inside of your mouth to make sure your general oral health is good.

We will also take some X-Rays and photographs to aid our examination.  We have the latest in digital X-ray technology at re-enhance and we can produce X-rays almost instantaneously. In some complex cases such as large dental implant cases, we may require a CT scan.


If you require any dental treatment or wish to have cosmetic treatment this will be explained to you at length and a written treatment plan along with an estimate provided.

We pride ourselves on patient care are re-enhance and therefore we urge to to contact us at anytime prior to, during or after your treatment if you have any concerns or queries about any part of your treatment at anytime.


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