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Migraines are one of the most common medical problems in the world. They are also extremely incapacitating due to their nature and symptoms. Many people have turned to long term drugs and other alternative and sometimes extreme measures to control them and their symptoms.

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At re-enhance, Dr Kinsella has one of the largest non surgical injectable practices in the entire region. He has been treating many patients with migraines as a doctor for years. He also treats many patients that have been referred to him by his surrounding area from both medical and dental professionals because of his experience in this area and dual qualifications in both medicine and dentistry

Botox or Azallure can be precisely injected into main muscles of the forehead where patients frown. As most migraines have a tension headache component and visa versa, by reducing or eliminating the intensity of the ability to frown in your forehead, you are effectively minimising the source and start of the migraine.

This is an extremely simple and safe procedure for the patient but only if it is done in the hands of an expert. Once the Botox starts to work over a few days to a few weeks, the muscles in the glabellar or frown area of the forehead not be able to contract as strongly and will relax. This break in the cycle usually stops the migraine from progressing, and patients notice a huge decrease in the frequency of migraine attacks with some patients experiencing a migraine free period while the Botox is currently active.

The treatment will need to be repeated every 3-6 months initially but as things progress and symptoms disappear, the frequency of treatment can usually be decreased until it is quite infrequent.

Now imagine the changes in your life and the activities you will be able to enjoy after successful reduction or even elimination of your migraines.

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