Jaw Pain Treatment

Do you suffer from…..

  • Aching jaw joints?
  • Aching and sensitive teeth?
  • A stiff and painful neck?
  • Frequent toothaches?
  • Difficulties or limitations opening your mouth?
  • Head aches or migraine?
  • A large bulky square looking jaw?

jaw pain treatment from Re-Enhance Dental in Hale, Cheshire.

If you suffer from one or more of these symptoms and have previously sought help from a doctor or other health professional or even self medicated without success, the problem may well be jaw related. Jaw pain treatment from Re-Enhance is designed to leaving you feeling 100% yourself.

Migraine, chronic headaches, aching and tender muscles, sore jaw joints, regular morning headaches, teeth grinding … all of these symptoms can have one common source: over activity of the jaw muscles.

External signs are teeth grinding or clenching, which generally occur during sleep, when they are not consciously controllable. Some patients may also grind or clench their teeth during the day for example in periods of increased stress or concentration.

Can grinding and clenching my teeth have such severe consequences?

Unfortunately, Yes it can !!

Grinding and clenching of your teeth involves some of the most powerful muscles in the body. While almost everybody grinds and or clenches their teeth every now and then, studies show that patients who do so chronically exert between 6 and 20 times more pressure due to their well trained musculature. With repeated intense contraction, these powerful muscles become painful, and the forces generated cause pain to the surrounding tissues, joints, and other muscles.

By reducing or eliminating the intensity of the clenching, you are effectively minimising the source of pain, and in many cases this will happen in just a few days.

At Re-Enhance Dr Kinsella has one of the largest non surgical injectable practices in the entire region. He has been treating many patients with these concerns as a doctor for years. He also treats many patients that have been referred to him by his surrounding area from both medical and dental professionals because of his experience in this area and dual qualifications in both medicine and dentistry.

Botox or Azallure can be precisely injected into the main muscles of mastication. This is an extremely simple and safe procedure for the patient if it is done in the hands of an expert. Once the Botox starts to work over a few days to a few weeks, parts on the muscles will relax. This means that the muscles will not be able to contact as strongly as before and therefore clench or grind. This break in the cycle allows the patient to experience a break from the symptoms but also gets the patient out of the previous predetermination to grind and clench their teeth.

The treatment will need to be repeated every 3-6 months initially but as things progress and symptoms disappear, the frequency of treatment can usually be decreased until it is quite infrequent.

Additionally a night guard will be specifically made for you just to help protect your teeth in interim periods.

Now imagine the changes in your life and the activities you will be able to enjoy after successful reduction or even elimination of your jaw pain

Jaw Pain Treatment in Hale, Cheshire from Re-Enhance Dental. Contact us on 0800 077 8092 | 0161 941 1159


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