Implant Retained Dentures

What is a Dental Implant?

Implant retained dentures are suited for those who suffer from tooth loss as they offer a flawless solution to the many different problems arising from this issue. By fusing a titanium screw with the jawbone we’re able to replace the whole root of a missing tooth for a much more stable and natural looking result.

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How Would Dental Implants Benefit Me?

Traditionally, dentures are seen as uncomfortable and ill fitting fixtures that cause much discomfort for the wearer. Many people suffer not just with the problem of tooth loss but also the subsequent poor fitting of dentures, but the introduction of implant retained dentures represent a high quality alternative to this issue. These fixtures have been designed to improve the quality of life for the wearer, reducing discomfort and improving the ability to eat and speak. They’re secure and stable which highly reduces the inconvenient and unwanted movement.

Am I a Suitable Patient for Dental Implants?

In most cases, those who enjoy reasonable health can have Implant Retained Denture Treatment; age usually not being an issue for those considering suitability

A member of our team will undertake a consultation with you before they decide to go ahead with treatment, some issues may prevent individuals from going ahead with the procedure. Long term benefits of treatment can be held back by heavy smoking and drinking as well as certain medical conditions for instance.

Implant retained dentures require a medical history assessment in which we will discuss any health or lifestyle issues that you may be have. We will assess whether or not these will negatively impact treatment and then decide whether or not to go ahead with the treatment.

These are the Steps That Usually Take Place in the Treatment for an Implant Retained Denture

1. Implant Assessment

The exact assessment process will depend on each individual situation; in some cases a CT scan will be carried out whilst other people may require a second treatment planning appointment. Our team will take an x-ray of your mouth; we do this to make the process as safe and effective as possible; it also enables us to study models and assess suitability.

2. Implant Placement

It is perfectly normal to be anxious about the treatment; which is why Re Enhance want to make the process as comfortable as possible for all patients. You’ll be given the option of having it carried out under IV sedation – patients will be placed under local anaesthetic in sterile surgical conditions.

3. Integration Period (settling in stage)

Initially there is a period of ‘settling in’ as the implant retained denture integrates with your jaw bond but we will also adjust your existing dentures around the area of the implant site so you’ll be able to carry on wearing them. The time that this integration period takes to complete will vary between each patient but approximates will be given to you during the assessment stage.

4. Final Restoration

Temporary dentures are usually fitted when the implants are ready to restore & whilst the permanent ones are being made. Not only does this enable you to get used to the new fixtures but it also means that you’ll have a spare set upon completion.

Looking After Your Implants

Proper care and attention will ensure that your implant retained dentures last as long as possible and provide you with the best possible benefits. You’ll be able to clean the fixtures at home but we also recommend that you visit our clinic for hygiene appointments regularly to ensure that they’re in top condition. Our aim is to provide you with care beyond the initial treatment phase so that you’re always comfortable with the fixtures.

With regular routine maintenance and home care your implants will have a long term lifespan.

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