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Re-Enhance Dental want to work to ensure that patients are happy at all times with the condition of their teeth. Maintaining a fresh and healthy mouth in the best possible condition is possible by taking care of the teeth and gums – also an important aspect of someone’s overall health.

Hygiene scale and polish Hale, Cheshire

Hygiene scale and polish


Regardless of how much care and attention you put into the maintenance of your teeth, a hygiene scale and polish procedure is a necessary aspect of your dental care. This is because every day activities like smoking, drinking and eating can cause high build ups of plaque and tartar which, left for long periods of time can become unsightly. A negative build up of calcium (naturally found in saliva) eventually causes deposits to form and stick on the teeth which becomes more noticeable over time. This is known as Tartar and often makes patients feel uncomfortable since it causes not just health but also aesthetic issues, but removal and prevention of of this is a simple and routine procedure undertaken with dental cleaning.

this way you’ll have a better chance of maintaining their cleanliness during regular home care. A hygiene scale and polish can transform the feeling of your teeth, leaving them feeling smooth and squeaky clean so that bacteria is unable to stick to them. As a result you’ll have a better chance of maintaining their cleanliness at home.

How is Dental Teeth Cleaning Done?

After a thorough examination of your gum and teeth condition we will:

  • Show you were plaque and tartar collects.
  • Advise as to the best techniques and equipment to prevent further build up.
  • Demonstrate in your own mouth what you can do to improve things.
  • Provide a tailored oral hygiene plan to keep your gums in the best possible condition.
  • Gently remove plaque and tartar from your teeth.
  • Polish your teeth to a high shine finish.
  • Apply a high fluoride paste to your dental work to keep it in the best possible condition.
  • Give advice on Diet and its relation to decay in the mouth.
  • Keep records of your current oral health to measure improvements and track deterioration.
  • Arrange a suitable follow up appointment to help you maintain your oral hygiene.

Hygiene scale and polish from Re-Enhance Dental Clinics Cheshire

What Will Happen During My Treatment Session?

During your scale and polish session our dentists will gently remove the tartar buildup using efficient, specialised instruments that cause no damage to the teeth. Information on how the treatment is carried out is listed below.

Ultrasonic Scaling

Tickling vibrations caused by an ultrasonic instrument work to knock these pieces of tartar free from the tooth, with the debris being washed away by a cooling mist that simultaneously maintains a healthy temperature. It is an incredibly safe device which is rounded and constantly kept in motion but be sure to inform the dentist in the unlikely event that you feel the sensation is becoming uncomfortably strong. The hygiene scale and polish device is not sharp, nor is it intended to cut into the teeth but your density will adjust the pressure of the device appropriately to each patient.

Fine Hand Scalers

The next step is more intricate since it involves the removal of smaller deposits from the tooth surface, therefore your scale and polish dentist will switch to a fine scale to smoothen the tooth. These tools extremely effective because they are curved and built to match the shape of your teeth.


After this the dentist will place a toothpaste like material on the surface now that it’s smooth and free from plaque build up. This polishing technique gives it a finishing touch – ensuring the teeth are shiny and healthy.


It may be necessary to apply fluoride since the surface of the tooth can become weakened by the acid contained within the dental tartar. This will help to strengthen the teeth but it’s best not to drink or rinse your mouth for thirty minutes after it’s been applied.

Is it Going to be Painful?

Nearly every patient finds that the during and after treatment process is completely painless; a few people may feel sensations like tickling vibrations but neither the scraping nor the cooling will cause discomfort. These tingly sensations are extremely brief and most patients actually say that they enjoy the cleaning because of the smooth feeling of their teeth afterwards!

Although the majority of patients don’t feel any pain, do let your dentist/hygienist know if you find things are getting too uncomfortable for your liking. They can recommend various options to make the cleaning more enjoyable.

There are options if you do find the treatment not to your liking, you can choose to be numbed via an injection but you also have the option of numbing gel being placed on your guns. In some cases the pain may be caused by the gums rather than the teeth themselves but are usually caused by any of the following: a rough dentist or hygienist, exposed dentine (not dangerous, but can make cleanings unpleasant), or sore gum tissues.

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