Cosmetic Dentistry

Dark or Discoloured Teeth

Teeth whitening Teeth whitening is an extremely popular form of cosmetic dentistry and is the ideal step to take if you’re lucky enough to already have straight teeth and want the perfect finish. This can be carried out at our own establishment (in Hale, Cheshire) but we also offer home whitening kits. Teeth whitening will rejuvenate your smile and remove any discolouring that exists on the surface.

Unsightly Metal or Old Discoloured Fillings

White fillings offer an alternative to traditional metal fillings that are far more difficult to notice & thus will not make you self conscious at all. Although they’re nearly invisible, they offer all the functional benefits that standard fillings provide.

Cosmetic dentistry in Hale, Cheshire from Re-Enhance Dental.

Missing Teeth and Gaps in Your Smile

Gaps that exist in your teeth can be filled with either cosmetic dentures, bridges or dental implants

Crooked and Misshapen Teeth

Invisible braces play a vital role in the transformation of wonky or misshapen teeth, their function is to resolve aforementioned issues so that you have the confidence to go about your daily life. We can also use other forms of teeth straightening like cosmetic veneers and metal free ceramic crowns that offer swift and efficient results.

Discoloured and False Looking Crowns

Old and unattractive crowns can be replaced with the latest all ceramic crowns.

Dentures That Look or Feel False

Dentures are perceived by many people as as being uncomfortable and ill fitting fixtures that look unnatural. However at Re-Enhance the bridgework is fixed so that not only is it less damaging to the gums but it also offers a more secure and comfortable placement. If you currently have loose acrylic dentures, Re-Enhance can place them with superior chrome based dentures.

Martin Kinsella & Dominic Wyatt – Aesthetic Dentistry

Dr Kinsella spent 2011 & 2012 on the Advanced Aesthetic Restorative Dentistry course. Along with Dr Wyatt who spent much of his cosmetic training in the states they can improve the appearance of your teeth using multiple and sometimes very simple methods. They both also work closely with Dr. Paul Swanson who is our implant dental surgeon.

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