The Ultimate in Invisible Tooth Straightening

  • Clearest brace in the world
  • Easy and comfortable to wear
  • Treats people of any age
  • Minimal impact on your speech
  • Minimal dietary restrictions

Clear step™ is known for offering a near invisible form of orthodontics for those wanting to achieve straight teeth with minimal disruption to their appearance. With the use of clear positioners as well as other ‘invisible’ appliances, Clearstep  brace treatment is one of the most invisible braces you can have.

clearstep clear positioners are a comfortable, easy to wear and invisible brace we provide patients to straighten their teeth. It is the most effective orthodontic treatment that has minimal impact on your smile or everyday life. We provide this orthodontic treatment at our cosmetic dentistry clinic in Hale, Cheshire.

Clearstep braces from Re-Enhance Cheshire

Not only are they almost 100% clear, but they’re comfortable and easy to wear due to their intricate construction. The incredibly thin medical grade plastic will be manufactured exactly to your specification so that they fit perfectly. After being worn for two weeks the your teeth will be aligned to the desired position by the positions – especially ideal for teeth that are crooked, overlapping or spaced.

The Clearstep™ brace fixture is comprised of clear positioners in addition to several other orthodontic methods which are utilised for the more difficult cases when the positioners alone cannot treat. Working in tandem with these appliances, the Clearstep™ brace works to craft the final perfect smile. Some of these appliances can include the new and innovative lingual brace, which fits on the inside of the teeth.

Here’s a Little Bit More Information on How the Process Works

Impressions will be taken of your mouth by a member of the Re-Enhance team – along with this they will also record other things such as x-ray pictures so they have a comprehensive understanding of your requirements. This enables your case to be properly diagnosed so that the best treatment options are chosen by our team – including a confidence assessment of the treatment times and costings.

Your braces will then be made and you will come to see your dentist at re-enhance in stages over a period of time. This is because the treatment is a series of braces that need to be replaced over a certain time period. You will also need to have check ups and new impressions at certain points so we can make sure that you are on route to achieve that perfect smile you desire.

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