Being confident in your smile means that you’re confident in your whole appearance – sparkling, straight teeth is possible in a fraction of the time because of the advanced methods of treatment that are available to us. At Re-Enhance Cosmetic Dental Clinics we are able to provide you with a wide and diverse range of treatments that offer a solution to any issue you may be suffering with. From routine hygiene and scale check ups to complete mouth reconstruction procedures – we’re a small dedicated dental clinic that will help you achieve a perfect smile.

There is a risk with cosmetic dentistry, because you may put healthy teeth at risk with unnecessary treatments that are needlessly complicated. Developments in the dentistry industry has meant that a brighter smile can be achieved with much simpler methods than in the past. Requests for dental treatments have risen significantly over the years and our procedures are 100% safe and efficient – and our satisfied customers have been more that quick to compliment our work in the past.

Not only do we have the skills to transform your smile – but we also understand that proper maintenance is just as important if you want to achieve long lasting results. This is why Re-Enhance are here for you months and years after your initial procedure with competitive routine dental treatment – this helps to make sure that everything’s moving along correctly. We also believe that the best possible results can only be achieved by making sure that our professional and dedicated staff use the most modern techniques – Why place a metal filling on a tooth when a discrete, white one can be provided for no extra cost?

All our crowns are all ceramic or re-inforced all ceramic crowns so they look the best that money can buy while being extremely strong and durable.

With the the demand for NHS practices outweighing the services available and the high cost of private dental care, we are pleased to offer a relatively low cost for a basic dental service with a full and comprehensive range of more complex treatments if required.


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